In 1994, Bucky graduated from Cornell University’s engineering program and began his professional path.  Starting as a project engineer upgrading infrastructure for the City of Howell, MI, he quickly was made a project manager and easily earned his “stamp” (Professional Engineer license). In 2001, he moved to the Pioneer Valley after falling in love with the region’s natural and cultural character. Since, he’s managed scores of residential, commercial, and municipal projects. Eventually, he became Chief Engineer at a respected Massachusetts firm, responsible for all technical design. In 2005, he stepped away from “corporate” engineering and now employs his experience and skills as a freelance professional.

“The Zengineer” was a nickname given to Bucky by a local contractor while working on a project together. It stuck.


Mission, Vision & Values

  • Mission: To care about and support my clients, their needs, and the environment.
  • Vision: To consistently provide enduring solutions to site, budget, and regulatory obligations.
  • Values: Integrity in all my actions. Clarity in all my words. Compassion in all my thoughts.

Professional Qualifications and Experience

Bucky Sparkle, PE, MBA
Professional Civil Engineer, Massachusetts No. 42705

Registered Soil Evaluator, Massachusetts No. 2814
American Society of Professional Engineers (ASCE) Member

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, Cornell University, 1994 (Dean’s List)
Master of Business Administration, UMass – Boston, 2003
Officer, US Navy, Honorable Discharge 2004


It’s a rare, rare thing for an engineering firm to post its standard hourly billing rates. There are many reasons why. For one, a company’s rate structure can be complicated. Also, they don’t want to give you sticker shock. The last company I worked bills every hour of my time at $130 to $170/hour – and that’s a “competitive market rate”!

I employ two hourly rates; one for each level of engineering. Most work on a project is “grunt” work, but some project tasks need to be handled by a high level and experienced “Professional Engineer”.  My rates are:

  • “Grunt” Rate: $85/hour
  • “PE” Rate: $150/hour

As a result, my designs typically cost far less than large firms. I have extremely low overhead and value my time fairly. Further, I offer a discount to residential clients. If you need work done on your primary family residence, I will happily deduct 11% from my professional fees.

I prefer to work on an hourly basis for a pre-defined scope of work which addresses your specific needs. I am happy to establish budgets for any set of tasks. Contact me to discuss your project or get a quote.

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